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basically im full time uni student back in 2014 a setup a prototype business within two auditions I had over 30 models I turned over £5,000 over two different audition dates the company expanded way to quickly within 3 months I had 30 models 6 employees and 2 personal assistants. I couldn't maintain the business I had also had one of the personal assistants who tried to get clients to deposit money into her account, it was found quickly and resolved but leaving the company to look unprofessional and it put me off I sold the prototype business to a company in Spain but since 2014 dec have expanded to London I have added features to this business which it makes not just reliant one source of income this business has already a £1800 spent on the website design but needs hosting I have also the logo design pretty much everything sorted but this time I want someone with professional photography skills or photography studio or even someone with a interest in this business the sources of income would be sponsorships portfolios 15-21% of the models income though models clothing line and there are other forms of little incomes
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