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Privacy Policy of the shutaf.com site:

Under no circumstance will the management of the site and its operators provide any information related to the personal contact details of the user of the site, such ase-mail addresses, mailing address (except for city), name or telephone number without receiving the consent of the user prior to releasing such information. This excludes scenarios in which releasing of such information is required by law or in legal disputes where such information is relevant.

All other information entered by the user at the time of registration to the site (such as occupation, marital status, etc.) may appear on the site unless it is clearly stated otherwise. This is intended to allow members of the site to identify and recognize one another.

The management of the site has the right to pass information that has been accumulated about the users of the site (visitors and registered members) to a third party. 

It is possible that user information will be used for segmentation for advertising purposes and for direction of personal messages to the user, which correspond to the user’s information. This is valid as long as certain pieces of information are not transmitted to third parties, as detailed in the first clause above. 

The user can request to be removed from the database that is managed by the site. This may be done only through an orderly appeal to the management of the site. 

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